- Laura Woodard Clark


 It is not easy to accurately — and without hesitation — to view ourselves as we truly are. It is relatively simple to recognize the talents of our friends and colleagues, but when we reflect on our capabilities, we often feel at a loss for words. This loss can leave us feeling, well, lost. Alberta Brown Green possesses the unique ability to swiftly and accurately define her client's strengths. Most importantly, she empowers her clients to view themselves in that same positive light. I highly recommend Alberta to anyone seeking to evaluate what they can contribute to the world. You will leave her office with a clear career roadmap and just as powerful — the confidence to tackle any aspiration.

-Tina Williams Houston


 I attended ABG's leadership and professional development sessions. Alberta's creative, practical and thoughtful approach to training keeps her participants committed and attentive. They walk away with pragmatic tools and strategies that can drive immediate improvements in their approach to work as well as a change in  their career trajectory . Training & development is one of the top strategies that employers can use to improve employee engagement which leads to higher productivity, increased innovation, and improved retention rates. Therefore, I strongly recommend a partnership with ABG Professional Development Solutions. I also recommend ABG to any leader that is interested in a customized, impactful and relevant one-on-one executive coaching opportunity.  

- Virendra Chhikara



"Two years back we found a need in our organization. We had a great team, but we're always are hungry for positive changes. We contacted Alberta Green to do a professional development training for us with a strong message towards team building. She conducted the "True Colors" workshop for our organization. After attending the workshop, I understood how to work with and communicate more effectively with different personalities  on our team. We became a better team and had even more positive energy throughout the office. The whole effort leads us to an efficient and happy workplace."  

-Dr. Bill McCown


 Alberta is one of the most conscientious, hard working, "multi-competent" people I know. She routinely succeeds in difficult tasks that coworkers might think are impossible. She multi tasks in the midst of chaos. She gently builds coalitions and motivates teams to maximum performance. And she does all of this with a genuine smile! She is bold when it is necessary, and cautious when it is required. Her people skills are profound and her sense of humor is hearty.  

- Zach Hobbs


"Alberta coached me through a difficult time in my career, and her continued enthusiasm and passionate spirit helped me to keep my head up every step of the way. Alberta is one of the most influential and motivating people I have ever met. I'm thankful to have worked alongside her. I hope that if you are also in need of guidance you will reach out to Alberta. She is not just a career counselor but a true friend."

-Ella Nimmers


 The training that ABG Professional Development Solutions provided for my organization was practical and effective. She is extremely professional, yet strategically uses wit and humor to engage her audience. The staff learned to apply the skills she presented and have continued to use her techniques in their daily interaction with others. It was great!   

- Rheagan Sutton


  I would highly recommend ABG Counseling and Career Consulting, LLC. Alberta helped me conquer so much in such a short amount of time. She helped me cope with my anxiety about moving to California, and she coached me through building my resumé/career. I didn't leave her office without feeling refreshed and encouraged. I love what Alberta stands for, and I highly recommend seeing her for career consulting and counseling.  

- Tiffany Neighbors



  "Alberta is a highly energetic professional who is very passionate and creative in her work. I have been able to work with her in several mutually exclusive capacities while I was a student and as a professional. It is always joy working with her, because she believes in everyone winning and goes the extra mile for everyone to be successful while maintaining a positive attitude."    

-Mike Purcell


  "Alberta is the consummate professional and demonstrates a degree of professionalism and dignity that far exceeds the average person. It is my honor to give my strongest personal and professional recommendation for Alberta Green. She is an amazing individual and a pleasure to work with."   

- Julia B. Letlow, Ph.D.



  "I have personally and professionally known Alberta Green for over ten years, and she is the first call I make when I am in need of career consulting services for myself and my team. She is a dynamic speaker, very detail oriented and has built a supportive and professional team to help carry out her vision. Her empathetic disposition towards her clients is something that sets Alberta apart. Your success becomes her success, and she will be there for you every step of the way."  

- Larry Estess, MBA


 "I worked with ABG during a transition time in my career. Alberta provided me with career coaching/outplacement services, including resume development and career exploration. Alberta has such a positive outlook on life which is evident in all of her endeavors. I highly recommend Alberta to anyone looking for someone to provide recommendations with their career search and/or change. "  

- Melissa Kiper



  "ABG Professional Development Solutions provided training for the Junior League of Monroe (JLM) to help us identify our strengths and weaknesses as individuals and as an organization that helps develop the potential of women and empower them to be leaders in our community... I would recommend her training and consulting services to all my friends."